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On average, staged homes will spend 50% less time on the market

Staged properties normally attract a higher sale price. 

Photographs of a well dressed home attract more interest. 

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Pret-a-Property have helped many homes achieve a swift sale in excess of the asking price. 

The average buyer needs to envision themselves in a property to consider a purchase.  Ideally, it will be presented as an aspirational home projecting a lifestyle that your client would aim for.  Pret-a-Property are experts at dressing a home to this desirable finish achieving a prompt sale at the best price.   

77% of agents say it’s easier for buyers to visualise a property as a future home *

*Home Staging Association, UK

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On average staged homes will spend 50% less time on the market 


Staged properties normally attract a higher sale price


Photographs of a well-dressed home attract more interest


Home Staging achieves faster sales.  Nobody wants to have their property lingering on the market for too long – it is not a good look.  It is advisable to commence your marketing with an impact, dress to sell with professional images that highlight the best features of your property and encourage a prompt sale.  Home staging is proven to reduce time on the market, so start with your best foot forward.


Would you like to achieve a prompt sale at the best price point?  The answer is simple, and the engagement of Pret-a-Property is your next step.  We can provide a simple price estimate initially, and follow this with an accurate design layout, timing and costing.  All installation is taken care of by our experts and you are left with a stunning set up ready


Most enquiries for a property arrive as a direct result from image.  Home staging creates a chic and covetable lifestyle in quality photographs that immediately enhance the potential for a quick sale.  The theatre of providing an aspirational dwelling place is then taken further when a viewer visits the property and admires the lighting, comfortable décor and finishing touches that make a house a home.  Foliage, plants and flower displays help bring life to a room.  Fluffy white towels and designer accessories in the bathroom sell a lifestyle that one can aspire to.  Coffee table books on display and furnishings throughout complete the chosen look.  Image is crucial, and the aim at Pret-a-Property is to bring a high-end finish with luxurious touches that create the most desirable home.  Property developers and estate agents agree that home staging increases interest for a sale.

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