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Pret a Property has a wide collection of furniture and household items in stock, which is constantly updated with specifically sourced items for individual projects.  We are able to offer a furniture rental service, beyond home staging, to create bespoke interiors for discerning clients in need of a home from home. Whether relocating or requiring a temporary UK base, we can facilitate the move by ensuring installation of the desired furniture and furnishings.

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Pret-a-Property furniture rental service provides good quality interiors to create a tasteful home. For temporary residents requiring something more than flatpack furniture, our furniture rental is the perfect solution. Pret-a-Property can help style and install varying levels of interior fittings to suit your new, short-term home.

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Pret-a-Property are well equipped to help with a relocation to the UK. Once a property has been found, we aim to turn it in to the perfect home. We can recreate the look and feel a client requires to ease the transition to a new location.


Pret-a-Property offer various levels of furniture rental from partial installation to a complete family home. With expert knowledge of what is required and where to go, let Pret-a-Property help welcome you “home” to the UK.

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Pret-a-Property offers a furniture rental service to provide the sort of furniture and furnishings that the most distinguished and discerning clients should expect when travelling away from home.


Allow us to furnish an empty space to create a welcoming environment for your stay, tailored to your personal requirements.


Alternatively we can arrange for storage of any unwanted pieces in situ, and install the preferred selection from Pret-a-Property inventory.

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